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The only Escape game in Møre og Romsdal




The concept

– Up to 7 People are “trapped” in a specially designed room. First we introduce the room, whats the story, and what the mission of the game is. Then the countdown begins. You and your team have 60 minutes to solve the mission.


Our game masters follow the game by using cameras and microphones. During the game you can ask for up to three hints by calling the game master by using a phone which are given to the group before the game starts. Our game master will then give you a hint which will help you in the game. More then three hints can be given if you wish an easier game.


To solve the tasks at hand, your team must work together and communicate well. Search the room thoroughly for keys, codes, hidden doors, clues etc. Most things can be twisted and turned. All you need to solve the mysterious puzzles is either in the room or hopefully in your heads. Creativity, the ability to think outside of the box are keys to success in our escape rooms.

The games

The games are designed and developed by experienced escape room builders. They are all well tested and all feedback are taken into consideration when we want to make them even better. Contact us if you wish an experiance that is tailor-made for you and your friends, family or colleagues.

our games

The heist

Are you and your accomplices able to locate and steal the diamond, without being caught?

  • 6/10 difficulty
  • 60 minutes
  • 2-7 players

A wealthy antiques dealer has obtained an enormous diamond, with the size of a fist. It is most likely stored somewhere in his office, under lock and key, and is heavily guarded.

the whiteroom

Can you escape from an apparently white empty room?

  • 7/10 difficulty
  • 60 minutes
  • 2-7 players

Can you escape from an empty room? The key is right in front of you all the time, but you can only get it if you can solve the mystery of the strange room and discover what an empty space can hide

serial killer

People in the neighbourhood are disappearing… There is a rumor that a serial killer is taking their victims. Create a detective team and trace down this mysterious killer. Clues from the edge of the city leads your team into the woods. Do you manage to find the killer?

  • 6/10 difficulty
  • 60 minutes
  • 2-6 players

Too many people have disappeared in the area lately… Does really a serial killer hiding in the neighbourhood? One day, a dead body was found on an abandoned factory site. Follow the clues and solve the case. An exciting, spinning, adrenaline pumped adventure game with never-before-seen tasks, and beautifully decorated rooms!

special events

team building

Team communication and collaboration is a strong aspect of escape games. We Escape Molde has games that are perfect for all corporate events.


We are organizing a birthday party, whether it is a small or a large group. We can arrange you with a cake, champagne, soda or even a unique gift.


Start the day with us, surprise the bride or groom with a ridiculous program!




If you wish to book outside the standard time as shown below, please contact us at +47 413 00 062

We Escape Molde

6413 Molde,
Storgata 44. Entrance at the south of the building.

+47 413 00 062


Most of the elements are written in English.

We have tasks so that you work together across all ages and generations. Youth, adults and retirees all with different backgrounds and intellect, will definitely have fun here! It will be fun and educational for the younger – and captivating and challenging for the elders.

Yes, this is really fun for kids, all the way down to the age of 10, as long as they play with an adult. The heist is especially suitable for children.

Do you order whole rooms – and can you book several rooms at the same time? – You order the entire room and get the whole room alone. there will be no other players in the room other then your team. The whiteroom takes 6 people and The Heist takes 7 people. You can play both rooms at the same time.

The rooms are designed to put you in a different reality leaving your everyday behind you. It is not meant that you will be afraid. If you feel uncomfortable, you can leave the room at any time. – No, there are no actors (or animals) waiting for you in the room. It’s just you and the rest of your group that’s in there.

No, we do not build mixed teams, even if the team’s number is only 2 – 3. In your games, only your own team members are involved.

No, you do not have to be good at Geni, chess, math or a member of Mensa to succeed with us. Everyone has something to contribute and success depends on the characteristics of the entire group.

Price is for each person:

– 2 person team – 450 kr
– 3 person team – 400 kr
– 4 person team – 350 kr
– 5-7 person team – 300 kr
– We offer 20% student discount.

You can pay with most types of credit/debit cards, Vipps or cash.

Unfortunately, we have no guest parking outside our local area. so we recommend parking at the parking lot between the bus terminal and the police station or in the main street.

We sell mineral water and soft drinks at the reception. If you wish something more than this, we can order catering or pizza.

We are happy to live and drive in a country where most people behave well. We do not charge for booking and do not require money from customers who do not meet up. Of course, we appreciate your message as soon as you know that you are not comming so we can release the game for others.

In case of change or cancellation or modification please notify us as soon as possible by calling or sending an email to [INSERT EMAIL HERE] or phone by [INSERT PHONE NR HERE].

In order to be on route to the next group to play, we may need to give you shorter play time if you get late. If you are extra late, unfortunately, we can not guarantee you can play.

No, rooms must be booked online in advance. but check out the booking if there is free time! are the hours marked in yellow color please call us and hear if it can be booked.

yes certainly! we keep both rooms so that only you are present. we can for example put up the teams struggling to compete against each other! it’s very fun!

This is fun and we gladly welcome you here with us. The only criterion is that we are “first out” on the list of activities that day mtp. that all are sober. This is important for the gaming experience and safety to be best for the entire gang. We want everyone to have fun and no one to ruin the experience for others. Please contact us and we will find a solution!

no, we do not have alcohol service, but would like to recommend a nearby restaurant with both food and drink facilities.

You need to be ready in the top to succeed in our game. Are you visibly drunk, you can not play with us. In our room you get high on andrenalin. It’s a bad combination with other drugs.